Legend ArmyArmy Legend FleetFleet
Austria 3
England 3
France 3
Germany 3
Italy 3
Russia 4
Turkey 3

This game has not yet begun. It currently has 2 of 7 players.

Game Name Porvoon Esoteerinen Seura
Game Master None
Created by Kuusniemi#1235
Public/Private Private: Game requires URL to view and code to join
Anonymity Partial: Player names are always visible, powers controlled are hidden until end of game
Time Zone Europe/Helsinki
Scheduled Adjudication Daily
First adjudication 7 days after start, at 12:00 Europe/Helsinki
Game will begin automatically once full
Build and Retreat phases are 50% time of regular phases
Orders not processed on weekends
Grace periods for late orders are disabled
Press Normal press rules (press disabled in Build and Retreat phases)
Victory Conditions Multi-player draws are enabled.