Welcome to Backstabbr!

Backstabbr is a modern web interface for the classic boardgame Diplomacy. Come join us!

Getting Started

  1. New to Diplomacy? Take a look at our starter's guide.
  2. Already know how to play? Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Check out our interface by taking a spin in the Sandbox.
  4. Once you're ready to go, join a game that's forming or start your own.
  5. If you're looking for a replacement player or just want to meet the rest of the community, try checking out our subreddit or Discord server.
  6. Got any questions? Visit the Help Page.

Backstabbr Features

There are a lot of websites devoted to Diplomacy out there, so what sets Backstabbr apart?
  • An interactive, clickable Diplomacy map.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.
  • A powerful Diplomacy Sandbox which lets you test out potential moves to find the right play.
  • Threaded in-game press and flexible email-based game notification.
  • Game Master tools which make running a game a painless experience.
The goal of Backstabbr is to make playing a game of Diplomacy online as easy, intuitive and fun as possible for Diplomacy veterans and newbies alike. If you're interested in running a game, playing a game or just simply tinkering with the Sandbox, we invite you to come in and have a look around.

So what are you waiting for?