About Backstabbr

Backstabbr is developed by Tile Games. Founded by a group of handsome but scurrilous rogues, Tile Games abides by two core principles:

  1. Always work on projects you care about.
  2. Coding is more fun when there's beer involved.
We are headquartered in any bar with free wifi in Seattle, WA.

About Diplomacy

The board game Diplomacy was originally designed by Allan B. Calhamer and released in 1959. It is set just prior to World War I, and focuses on inter-player communication and guile over dice or other random chance elements. It was one of the first games published to be playable over mail, and consequently one of the first to be playable over email as well. It is reportedly among the favorite games of John F. Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.

There are several web-based versions of the game available, and Backstabbr is designed to bring some modern sensibilities and functionality to that space. It is purely a product of passion, made by players who enjoyed the game and wanted to spread it.

We strongly encourage everyone who enjoys the Backstabbr experience to own a copy of the board game. Although our site enables you to play with friends and strangers from around the world, we believe there are few experiences in life better than sitting around a table with friends over a good game. You can purchase a copy of the original board game at Amazon.com, but we think you should look around at your local gaming store. They need your support!

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Help us help you help yourself! Send any questions or comments to feedback@backstabbr.com.